What do other bloggers write about?

I like  the alpha blog, because it is about love and how fragile it is to be whith the one who loves you and break their heart but it was extremely long. I didn’t get the chance to finish this blog.

I love the topic Being a Nurse, because first, my major is Nursing. My world revolves around any and everything that has to do with Nursing. At the beginning of this blog she the “blogger” describes the demands and rewards of becoming and being a Nurse. She says that ” Being a Nurse is a complex challenge requiring dedication but can provide great satisfaction.” This is the best way to sum up the topic of Nursing.


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2011 NBA Lockout

My preliminary research reveals that this lockout may be in effect longer than initially expected. The owners of the NBA and the players can’t seem to come to a mutual agreement in terms of the salary cap structure which is the main source of disagreement. As I researched the topic further I found that the lockout consists of mandating the teams players to not trade, sign or contact  ANY of their fellow team mates or other players from opposing teams. While this rule is mandated the players also can’t access NBA team facilities , trainers or staff. If anyone breaks this rule there will be fine of 1 million dollars against them. Some say this is harsh but the owners say that they have been losing out on millions of dollars due to the teams lack of performance during the previous season. The lockout will remain in effect until the NBPA reaches a deal with the NBA owners.

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Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review

Honestly speaking I did write my draft like 2 hours before class, I appreciate the constructive critisism from the comments. I have never had this happen to me but I do plan to use better time management because this draft was honestly horrible in my eyes. What I will do is make time to go over the comments an edit my draft accordingly to make sure that this becomes an awesome paper. Overall I did learn from reading and commenting on others papers, and reading the comments that others made on my paper.

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Medicare Fraud: A $60 Billion Crime

People making millions of dollars monthly by simply making up phony medical supply company’s and sending in the necessary paperwork to the medicare corp. These people falsified paper work to make it look like they had a legit company with patients that needed prosthetic limbs. They cashed out big time until someone ratted them out!

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A little something about myself!

I am a transfer student at NIU, this of course is my first year here but I am very much familiar with the college life. My home town is Chicago, IL “born and raised.” My major is Nursing with a minor in Public Health, I am all about helping others in their time of need. I’ve worked very hard to get to the place that I am today, I plan to work even harder to make my dreams of being a Nurse a reality. My future means everything to me and I will let nothing hold me back from what I know I am capable and destined to do.  (more…)

3 comments August 31, 2011

English class 08/26/2011

I like the class so far, today is the last day of classes for the week. This week of classes wasn’t bad at all I enjoyed all classes and look forward to an exciting semester!

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